My friend and I love gaming and therefore we created a project called Nepkings. A gaming project where I do most of the development for.

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Client Work: Yes

Launched: Monday, September 16th 2019

Nepkings should be the next best gaming platform where my friend and I have worked on. We want to host gaming servers and provide the resources to communicate and connect with everyone. Nepkings should add all aspects of gaming to one central place.

Are you a fan?
We got merchandise.

Do you wanna wear a clan tag?
Sure! Register your clan over at Nepkings and play with our and or your name.

Chance to join the official roster?
Of course! We do want to expand and give a lot of everyone a fair chance.

Just wanna play with friends?
Yeaaaa, we got self-hosted gaming servers and we provide you with the best communication solutions.