New year mayhem - Joey "XJoeyV" de Vries - Junior web developer and computer

New year mayhem

This year I start with a fresh new website and a new hosting provider. Meaning Gumrly will evolve and I will start making free online tools for Developers and `normal` users. This year is gonna be a blast

My new website
As you may have noticed I have created a new website to post my blogs and projects. The reason for this is because I want to be posting more actively and show off my projects better. Also, I'd want to be adding small web-apps and tools onto my site.

What's next
I definitely need to update my project page to allow more content and info in it, because currently only thumbnails are shown. Also, I want to add a proper contact page and a page with the tools and quick links inside. It all needs to be finished, but I needed to rush for the other project.

2019, is gonna bring a lot of cool projects and opportunities, this year is gonna be a blast. Gumrly will get a huge makeover and recode with the actual platform inside. I switched to more powerful servers and small as well as bigger project ideas are coming into place. I also would love to start my personal webshop that does have an alias since I did not want to put it onder store, so we gave it a name. But it is still me as a person tho.

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